Thursday, August 14, 2014

LORAC Skinny Palette in Navy

LORAC Skinny Palette

I was so excited when I originally found the palette, (you can check out that post here)as I felt gypped not being able to get the nude version from Nordstrom's. I wish I would have waited for the Nude rather than jumping the gun with the Navy. While the Shadows swatch great, but once on the eye they aren't as pigmented.
above in natural light, below flash
The grey color (#3) is by far the creamiest of the 7 shadows, doesn't blend as well as I would have thought. None of the shadows are great when it comes to blending, they are ok. The dark blue color (#6) has bigger sparkle than I was expecting, and wish it was a little more finely milled. And the Gold color swatches much more brown than I was expecting. I know this palette was only $15; but I really expected more from LORAC, especially since the Pro Palette is so popular. Overall it is a meh product, not amazing but not terrible, and I wouldn't repurchase. But I have heard good things about the Nude palette and if considering one, I would suggest going for that. I am pretty disappointed in my first LORAC palette.

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