Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lorac Skinny Palette is Back!

If you were like me this year at the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale you immediately checked out the beauty section. While I was there I saw a beautiful LORAC palette for $15! Ok; calm down Ali, you have wanted the LORAC Pro palette for a while now, and while it isn't the pro it is a very pretty palette for only $15, and LORAC is supposed to have amazing quality eyeshadows. So I decided once I could, that I would snatch up that palette.
Taken from Nordstrom's

Unfortunately it was not meant to be, as when I looked online about 2 days after the sale was open to everyone, it was gone. I even called a couple stores near me to check and see if it was really gone everywhere, and unfortunately it was. I was honestly really disappointed in Nordstrom that they wouldn't anticipate the amount of customers for this product and had it sell out so quickly. But yesterday I got my wisdom teeth out and have spent most of the day sleeping and online shopping, and guess what I stumbled upon.
Navy Skinny Palette available at
While it in't the original one I had my eye on, it looks gorgeous, and is still just $15! This is the Navy version, and the Nordstrom's was the Nude. With the LORAC Pro Palette you get .32 oz of product for $42, but with the skinny you get .45 oz for $15, it is a great beauty steal. You can buy it here for $15 and free shipping! Once it arrives I will due a review on the shadows and tell you what I think.

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