Friday, August 8, 2014

NARS Portobello Duo

Nars Portobello Eyeshadow Duo
$34 for 4g
I finally got my first NARS eyeshadow duo, and the only person I have to blame bedsides myself, is the youtuber Essiebutton. If you haven't watched some of her videos you should definitely go check them out. In one of her vlogs a month back or so she mentioned that she was wearing NARS Portobello eyeshadow duo and it looked gorgeous. The huge mirror in the top of the compact is great, especially for travel or touchups on the go. While in the pan the colors look almost identical, both being a matte light/medium brown, and almost kind of boring.
NARS eyeshadow

But these colors are anything but once you put them on. I would have posted a picture of them on, but unfortunately my face is still really swollen from getting my wisdom teeth out, and nobody wants to see that. I will post a FOTD with the duo once the swelling is down. These colors are perfect for school or work, creating a great neutral eye. The colors are neutral almost verging on cool toned browns that would look great on almost everyone. Unlike some matte shades these are incredibly creamy and blend out beautifully. I would warn you though, these are incredibly pigmented and you should use a light hand to start out with.

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  1. ITS BEIGE! why do white people think anythign with pigmetn is brown/dark